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Rearview Safety RVS-718-7ML, G-SERIES Rear View Replacement Mirror Monitor with 7.3" MirrorLink Display

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Part Number:RVS-718-7ML
  • Product Details:
  • The RVS-718-7ML 7.3" Car Rear View Mirror Monitor with MirrorLink is the next step in mirror monitor technology.
  • The MirrorLink enables you to view your mobile phone on your mirror monitor through WiFi and standard programs like DLNA, Miracast and Air Play.
  • Navigate your trip, select and listen to music, or play games on your mirror monitor, all with your cell phone!
  • Your backup camera will also automatically display on your monitor when you reverse.
    The RVS-718-7ML features a highly reflective OEM quality 7.3" display with adjustable grid lines.
  •  Automatic brightness adjustment gives the driver a clear image regardless of harsh or weak light conditions.
  • 3 video inputs allow you to connect 3 cameras to the system simultaneously.
  • Easily switch between multiple displays including 3 full camera displays, a full mirror link display, and multiple dual displays.
  • The RVS-718-7ML is a superior rear view mirror, a high-quality screen for backup and side cameras, and a large display you control with your cell phone.
Product Highlights:
 Mirror Monitor with 7.3" Mirrorlink Display
 MirrorLink - Mirror mobile phone on monitor
 View apps like navigation directly on monitor
 Dual screen display - Multiple viewing options
 3 video inputs - Can connect up to 3 cameras
Monitor: 3.15" (H) x 10.55" (L) x 1" (D)
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