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DS18 HYDRO ENSBTRC-SQ Marine Square Waterproof Bluetooth Audio Receiver with AUX Input, USB Player and Universal Pod (Works with Android and iPhone)

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DS18 HYDRO ENSBTRC-SQ  Marine Square Waterproof Bluetooth Audio Receiver with AUX Input, USB Player and Universal Pod (Works with Android and iPhone)

There are many applications that do not have much room for large bulky head units or sometimes come with no source output at all. Now you can add BT connectivity for any audio system with our easy to use Bluetooth remote control.

This IPX6 water proof BT remote mounts easily in every application and takes up almost no space and easy to read with the LED lit keys.

This unit will send out signal to your amplifiers and also give you control over the music being played via Bluetooth  without having to fumble around with your phone so you have less distractions and transmits with BT 5.0 signal up to 35 feet.

This awesome BT controller has USB and AUX inputs so not only are you able to use BT flawlessly, but multiple sources.


  • Easily mountable without taking up a lot of space.
  • Square
  • Included outputs to make it connectable to most amplifiers and devices
  • BT connectivity to your phone or tablet for stress free streaming or music playback.
  • AUX input and USB slot is provided. 1A charging to keep your device charged while streaming if connected via USB.
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio  >86dB
T.H.D: <0.1%
Channel Separation >68dB
Voltage Operation DC 12-14.4V
Fuse Size 5 Amp
BT Version 5.0
Wireless Range >35 ft (Conditions May Vary)
Waterproof Rating IPX6
USB Charging Capacity 2 Amp
USB Files Format Compatible MP3 / WMA
RCA Line Out (Pre-Amp) 1 Pair (Left & Right) 2V
Salida de lĂ­nea RCA (Pre-Amp) Plug 3.5mm
Aux Line Input < 200mA
Remote Out  Up to 32 Gb
USB Player
Buttons | Controls  Power/Source/Play/Pause/Next/Prev/Vol+/Vol-
Illumination Red Back light
Body Material / Color / Finish ABS Black Housing / Rubber Buttons
Overall Length 3.97" / 100.9mm
Overall Height 3.17" / 80.7mm
Overall Depth 1.73" / 44mm

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