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Axxess AXDSP-X , DSP w/Chime Control and Digital Amp TurnOn Capability

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Part Number:AXDSP-X
This next-generation DSP offers an on-board digital amplifier turn-on capability and is a versatile and cost-effective solution for improving a sound system.

The AXDSP-X offers installers a fast, cost-effective solution for improving the sound system with 10 individually assigned output channels, the ability to password-protect your settings, and an easy-to-use smartphone app. It has an onboard digital amplifier turn-on capability with built-in technology to retain many of the vehicle features commonly lost when installing a DSP.

Complete Tuning Control
Installers will have full control to fine-tune each of the 10 channel outputs individually, controlled wirelessly via a free app available for smartphones and tablets. The app makes tuning easy with a 31-band graphic EQ and up to 10ms time delay for each channel, with independent high pass, low pass, and bandpass filters.

Retain Features with a Built-in Interface
Utilizing Axxess’s data interface technology, the AXDSP-X goes beyond what a traditional DSP can do and retains many of the features commonly lost when upgrading a sound system. Voice prompts, parking sensor chimes, and other factory chimes are retained with an adjustable volume control that many traditional DSPs cannot offer. This is a cost-effective solution for customers who want to retain their factory radio and improve their vehicle sound quality, while still retaining systems like SYNC® or OnStar®.

One Solution, Many Applications
The AXDSP-X solution already works with a wide range of vehicle applications and systems, including OE or aftermarket radios, and fixed-level analog and/or digitally controlled amplified systems, in addition to non-amplified vehicles that do not have chimes. The AXDSP-X works with all the existing DSP T-harnesses and still offers the same easy installation behind the radio.

See the AXDSP-X application chart for up-to-date vehicle-specific information.

  • 31-band graphic EQ on each channel with high pass, low pass, and bandpass filters
  • 6 inputs and 10 individually assignable outputs
  • Independent equalization on each of the 6 outputs
  • Selectable slope (12, 24, 36, or 48db per octave)
  • Selectable Graphic or Parametric EQ
  • Independent equalization on each of the 10 outputs
  • Each channel can be delayed independently for up to 10ms
  • Chime control for GM/Chrysler vehicles
  • Clipping detection and limiting circuits Bass knob included
  • Retains OE voice prompts (Sync® and OnStar®)
  • Retains factory chimes, including parking sensor and cross path detection alerts with adjustable chime level
  • Settings adjusted wirelessly via a smart device application (tablet or mobile phone)
  • Easy behind the radio installation in most applications
  • Can be used with OE and aftermarket radios
  • Read, write, and store configurations for future recall
  • Password-protect feature is available in the mobile app
  • Micro “B” USB updatable
  • 1-year limited warranty

U.S. Patent 9,875,078

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