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Accele HFT200T Hands Free Tailgate Opener Using Factory Remote Transponder

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Universal Hands Free Tailgate Opener New!!

Trunk opens by waving your foot under rear bumper!
Fully automate and pop open trunks without any motorization 

  Arms full?  No need to worry with the new hands-free trunk opener kit.. 

All you need is to have your factory transponder remote (or our transponder) in your pocket and swipe your foot under the rear bumper to automatically open your trunk or tailgate.
  Accele's trunk opener uses dual microwave technology that will auto open any of the OEM motorized hatches without having to take your car transponder out of your pocket or touching the hatch switch. Just wave your foot under the bumper area to auto open the hatch....Just like OEM cars.


     How can you auto open trunk that has a standard solenoid trunk release.? 

The problem of auto opening is solved by adding our dual adjustable force springs to the existing trunk hinges. When you put your foot under the  bumper the trunk will not only release but actually pop the trunk to its fully open position.
    If your car does not have a transponder remote get our remote transponder version kit.that will identify you when you approach the car to let you open trunk by just your foot motion.


Wiring harness included but not shown in photos.


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