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DS18 ZXI-12.4D-PKG Bass Package - 2x ZXI-12.4D - 12" Car Subwoofer with ZR2000.1D - 1-Channel Monoblock Amplifier & AMPKIT0

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Part Number: ZXI-12.4D-PKG

DS18 ZXI-12.4D-PKG Bass Package - 2x ZXI-12.4D  
12" Car Subwoofer with ZR2000.1D - 1-Channel Monoblock Amplifier and AMPKIT0

The More Bass for Your Buck Package 

Providing our users with affordable options to expand the range of frequencies available to their sound systems has always been a priority to the DS18 family. The More Bass for Your Buck Package is our way of displaying our commitment to that priority in the loudest way possible.  

With your purchase of a pair of our high-powered, distortion free subwoofers, the ZXI12.4D - and an easy-to-use installation guide in the AMPKIT0 – we include a FREE amplifier, the ZR2000.1D, that powers your subwoofers to their MAX. 

The ZXI series of subwoofers is designed to pump out hard hitting bass at a minimal power requirement. The ZXI12.4D boasts an extremely efficient voice coil that handles large amounts of power. This subwoofer is versatile enough to play frequencies as high as 1.8KHz down to 10Hz with incredible clarity and accuracy. 

The ZR Series amps are sure to power all your subwoofers so they deliver clarity sharp enough to cut through steel. They have been designed to efficiently pump out hard hitting bass and boost your subwoofers to their maximum potential. Easily tuned, The ZR2000.1D comes with Lowpass and Subsonic filters to help you get the desired frequency for your music preference. 

Installation is the least of your worries with our AMPKIT0: Our kits are made with true gauge wire, heavy duty hardware, fusing and signal cables for long lasting installations. Everything you’ll need for a successful install is wrapped into one convenient package so you can spend less time finding the right tools and more time enjoying your audio system!




  • Long ferrite motor structure allows for maximum excursion and former clearance with quad stacked magnets.
  • High Excursion Surround to help produce maximum a 32mm (one-way) XMAX without damage to the cone and surround.
  • Conservatively rated at 1000W RMS Power Handling and 2000W MAX Power Handling so you can get the high-powered thunderous bass you crave.
  • 3-inch voice coil to absorb and produce the highest heat to power ratio all while pumping out thumping head turning bass.
  • Low FS of 31.4Hz so the sub can play ultra-low frequencies all while still retaining the versatility of a traditional subwoofer.
  • Ultra-low frequency response of 10Hz-1.8KHz to ensure great lows and you will be able to have hard hitting bass that plays with authority.


  • The included bass knob will help you attenuate your bass with a quick turn of the dial to tune in your bass volume with every song you play.
  • The ZR2000.1D is made to deliver 2000 watts RMS @ 1-Ohm, 1300 watts RMS @ 2-Ohms, and 800 watts RMS @ 4 ohms giving you the perfect power for your bass
  • Lightweight design that retains very high durability with incorporated high efficiency heat sync.
  • High quality circuit board to give the most power with a high efficiency rate.
  • Easy-to-use Installation Kit in the AMPKIT0

Great For

  • Car Audio
  • Pro Audio

Order this package and upgrade your car audio system today!

2x ZXI12.2D - High Excursion 15" Subwoofer 2000W Watts Dvc 4-Ohm 4 Magnets

1x ZR2000.1D - Class D 1-Channel Monoblock Amplifier 2000 Watts RMS

1x Ampkit0 - Advance 0-GA Installation Kit

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